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Fit 4 Fight Gym | Brand identity 

I have created logos,  print and digital advertising and content for social media. 

Svenska Djurambulansen | Content creator

I work voluntary with Svenska Djurambulansen as a content creator for social media. In this case I intervju people about the day they called Djur ambulansen for help with a wild animal or a pet, and write a short history and then create content to publish. 

Chronox | Graphic design 

I have helped Chronox with brand identity and advertising. 

Geoposter | Illustration 

Posters where I'm inspired by geometric shapes, pixels and strong beautiful colors. 

MONKI | Illustration & print production 

I was responsible for all the artwork for the international Kick-off In Gothenburg as staff from 80 countries would participate.

The illustrated poster is made for a presentation i did for my class to explain the workflow on MONKI, Inhouse. 


This is a font I drew by hand. With the help of decorating parts , I converted the name to a logo.

I did this project in order to make my own typeface and logo from scratch with paper and pencil.

STILKVARTERET | Brand identity 

I made a graphic profile for a brand that is a pup up store that will represent and support other clothing brands with passionate fashion designers.


A local pasta maker wanted a logo design  that represented handmade pasta. He had a particular desire to get a logo look like a pasta machine similar to his own. These are suggestions I presented to him.

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